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I wouldn't be surprised to see a return to scheduled releases. To your point, these shows cost tens of millions (hundreds at the high-end), and the numbers work better if the release schedule can extend to 2-3 months. Also, a longer release schedule gives some time for the audience to build, especially helpful for newer shows.

Netflix was the sole driver of shoving the pendulum towards a far extreme (release everything at once). They've dragged the other streamers in that direction, which is why we see awkward release schedules. It can be quite confusing for viewers!

I loved Station Eleven. I don't think it's gotten nearly enough attention / viewership. Maybe it's just a bit harder for mini-series (perhaps a reason we don't see more, though I'm a huge fan of this format). But I also wonder if a more traditional HBO weekly release schedule would have helped it get more viewership.

Thanks for writing here, Webb! Excited to read more of it next year.

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